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Personal Injury Newsletters

Federal Volunteer Protection Act — Punitive and Noneconomic Damages

The federal Volunteer Protection Act (VPA) limits punitive damage awards against volunteers in cases in which they are not immune from liability.


An airline may be liable to its passengers for an aircraft accident based upon its status as a common carrier, its contract with the passengers, or an implied or express warranty regarding the safety of its aircraft. An airline may also be liable to its passengers for delays, for discrimination, or for wrongful expulsion

Personal Injury Actions between Spouses

When spouses commit torts against each other, a cause of action may or may not be available to the injured spouse. It depends upon the jurisdiction and the type of injury.

Torts in Wrestling

Injuries may occur to both spectators and wrestlers at a wrestling match. An injured party may be able to recover damages in a negligence action against the premises owner.


Trespass is a physical invasion of a property owner’s land. A person may be liable to the owner if he causes a trespass, even if he did not know that it was the owner’s land.